Beringer: A Lesson in Planning Ahead


Last winter, Marty Tousley and her family were delivered some devastating news.  They discovered that their Tibetan Terrier, Beringer was dying and he didn’t have much time left.  As a bereavement counselor, Marty knows how delicate and important decisions made during these times can be.  So she led her family in preparing for the loss of their beloved pet.

Beringer’s ClayPaws Print and other cherished mementos.

“Knowing that our beloved Tibetan Terrier, Beringer, wouldn’t be with us much longer, we made a ClayPaws Print of his foot last winter.  He died in August, and now we’re so grateful to have it, as it is one of our most cherished reminders of him.”

–Marty Tousely, CNS-BC, FT, DCC

There are many ways to help you prepare for the loss of a pet.  Planning ahead helps!  It reduces the stress you and your loved ones deal with during such a difficult time.  Follow this link  for a list of things  you might want to consider.